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Demo Corporation at The Sandbox Thailand Partner Day 2023: Pioneering Muay Thai in the Metaverse

On May 25, 2023, Demo Corporation proudly participated in The Sandbox Thailand Partner Day, marking the inaugural event for The Sandbox Thailand Headquarters. COO of The Sandbox, Sebastien Borget, graced the occasion along with industry experts and enthusiasts.

As a Global Agency Partner of The Sandbox, we showcased our innovative project 'Lumpinee Boxing Verse' for a collaboration with our client Light Matrix and Lumpinee Boxing Entertainment. This project represents the first Muay Thai experience in The Sandbox metaverse. Our CEO, Jacques Democrate, during the panel discussion, emphasized that the key to successful brand integration in the metaverse lies in a robust business model underpinning the user experience.

Our booth featured the Lumpinee Boxing Verse project, attracting notable figures like Muay Thai legend Sagat Phonthawee, who was captivated by his own AR Avatar with lifelike movements. Attendees also engaged in our interactive AR game, 'Find the Boxing Boss,' providing a unique blend of physical and digital interactions.

The Sandbox Thailand Partner Day 2023 not only offered an invaluable networking opportunity but also served as a platform for sharing insights into the future of metaverse ecosystems. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking projects from Demo Corporation.


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