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DEMO Tech Day #2: Where TECH meets Art 20 September 2023

Get Ready for DEMO Tech Day #2: Where Tech Meets Art! Save the date for an evening of groundbreaking innovations and artistic wonders on September 20th at Iconic Vinyl Studio. Witness the latest in Metaverse, NFT, AR, VR, and so much more!

Date: 20 September 2023 Time: 6.30 PM - 8 PM (After Party 8 PM! - Free bar!) Location: Iconic Vinyl Studio

Event Agenda 5.30 PM Registration

6.30-7.00 PM Warm-up Session - Introduction - DEMO Tech Day #2 Event - ICP Blockchain Overview and workshop

7.00-7.40 PM Where Tech and Art connected - Joe Louise Verse - Leila Verse Art Gallery in AR Metaverse by Juntra Jun - NFT Chip Technology by GENU.N Technology - Meet Muay Thai Fighter - Lumpinee Boxing Verse (Official Launch Announcement)

7.40-8.00 PM Explore the infinity of XR and VR Verse - XR Technology - The Island Collective (VR Metaverse in ICP) - Enter the Metaverse with VR

8.00 PM and after Special performances - Joe Louis Thai Puppetry Performance - Enjoy the party with Iconic Vinyl Studio’s Djs - DJ. Bomber Selecta, DJ. Phoomthan, DJ. Enjoy

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