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Bridging Realities: How Demo Corporation is Bringing Metaverse and Web3 to Businesses

On August 24th, 2023 in Bangkok, Demo Corporation was honored to participate as a speaker in a groundbreaking event 'Building the Web3 Future: Turning the Dream into Reality' hosted by OffChain Global and ICP Synergy Labs.

The session kicked off with a compelling presentation from Magic Macoviak, co-founder of The Island Collective, a VR Metaverse operating on the ICP blockchain. Demonstrating live from England, Magic illustrated how the VR landscape is redefining global connectivity, making geographical and device-based barriers irrelevant.

Following this illuminating showcase, our CEO Jacques Democrate took the floor to discuss the complexities and opportunities tied to implementing Metaverse solutions in business. He emphasized that venturing into the Metaverse isn't merely about adopting a novel platform but necessitates understanding its unique characteristics and usability factors. Jacques stressed the importance of strategic partnerships in amplifying a brand's presence and efficacy in the Metaverse.

The event's grand finale was a hands-on VR experience, facilitated by Demo Corporation. Participants, many of whom hailed from the web3 community, were given the opportunity to explore new worlds via a range of VR goggles. This experiential component was more than just an eye-opener; it served as a platform for attendees to share insights on leveraging web3 technologies for business advancement.

We extend our deepest gratitude to OffChain Global and ICP Synergy Labs for hosting this enriching and collaborative forum. It was an invaluable experience, not just for Demo Corporation but for every participant eager to redefine the business landscapes of today and tomorrow.


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