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Our strong experience in music production, education, technology and sports drives our passion for combining innovative tech like metaverse, NFT, AR and VR with creative content. We specialize in creating metaverse events like concerts, fashion shows, and tourist attractions to bring new experiences to daily life and support businesses in problem-solving.
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We offer ideal solutions for companies looking for a fresh approach to marketing by leveraging technologies
like AR, Metaverse, NFT, VR and robot to increase business possibility and growth.
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AR Takeovers

Elevate reality with AR. Immerse audiences in virtual imagination. 

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AR for events

Create activities in the event that align with the brand, create an enticing booth setup, and enhance product and service accessibility.

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Transform ordinary print media into

a vibrant 3D experience.

AR for publications
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Create an immersive metaverse where customers can experience your products and services in a whole new way. Whether it's a showroom, art gallery, meeting hall, or any other space, we can tailor to your needs

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Elevate your brand by incorporating AR technology to add interactive features and captivating experiences to your products.

AR Metaverse
AR for products
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Design a metaverse that matches your brand essence, and create experiences that are meaningful for users.

Metaverse Development

Transform your brand into a metaverse sensation with our tailored experiences that align with your brand's core.

As an official metaverse agency of 'The Sandbox',

a metaverse platform embraced by major brands, we can elevate your brand image to new heights.

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We specialize in seamlessly blending the metaverse and real-life events for a successful brand experience. Let visitors create lasting memories and have fun with your brand. We know how to make the game people love to play!

Metaverse for events
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NFT Producers

Create NFTs that are suitable for your business type.

NFT Avatar

Build a unique NFT avatar collection that connects your customers with your brand and let them explore the virtual world with their own NFT avatars.

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NFT Voxel Art

Create unique voxel-style NFTs for global distribution with our expert design team.

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Turn your creativity into unique NFT music with

a touch of imagination.

NFT Music
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Web 3.0 Education

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NFT Voxel Art

Unleash your creativity with our voxel-based 3D creation class, perfect for aspiring creators. Learn the fundamentals to craft unique designs and bring them to life in 'The Sandbox' metaverse, or even sell them on your own.

Web 3.0 Workshop

Unlock the potential of Web3.0 with our one-day workshop on blockchain, metaverse, and related technologies to discover new possibilities in the Web3.0 era.

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The Sandbox Game Maker

Learn to create your own game or social hub in 'The Sandbox' metaverse and bring others into your immersive world of imagination.

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NFT Music Production

Empower yourself with the skills to create your own music and turn it into NFTs for sale in the blockchain world. Join us and unlock your musical potential!

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Bring you to explore the world of Web 3.0 and discover new opportunities. Let us guide you through the exciting era of the web3 revolution.

  • Bring physical space into the digital world and create a virtual reality storefront for customers to access your store



  • Revolutionize your business with our robotic solutions for streamlined operations, convenience, and efficient management. Embrace automation for the future!

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