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Music Meets Metaverse: Interactive Gaming at the Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2023

During the Yamaha Thailand Music Festival 2023 from May 1-7, Demo Corporation showcased our expertise in the Metaverse, AR technologies and VR, transforming a traditional music festival into an immersive gaming experience.

We infused our booth with diverse music-themed games built within The Sandbox Metaverse, offering attendees an exciting new way to engage with the event. Our booth quickly became a fan favorite, particularly among the young festival-goers who spent their free time diving into the games we had on offer.

An extra level of personalization was added as our talented voxel artists created unique avatars for each participant. These personalized AR avatars could dance and interact, adding another layer of enjoyment to the festival experience.

Interestingly, attendees were not only captivated by playing the Metaverse games but were also keen to understand the creation process. Many showed enthusiasm for game design, visiting our booth to try their hand at creating games for their friends to enjoy.

This event marked an exciting journey for Demo Corporation, as we discovered new ways of integrating the Metaverse into different audiences' experiences. We continue to learn and adapt, aiming to seamlessly weave these technologies into our everyday lives.


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