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Demo Corp's First Metaverse Event: Engage & Educate at Ampverse Web 3.0 Event

In June 2022, Demo Corporation launched into the Metaverse at the Ampverse Web 3.0 Event. Using The Sandbox, a leading metaverse platform, we built a gaming arena experience that showcased Ampverse's esports team. This marked Ampverse's move to Web 3.0, integrating elements like guild systems, play-to-earn, NFTs, and influencer partnerships to explore new revenue streams from the combination of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

This event served as our first Metaverse education initiative for those unfamiliar with its potential for live audience interaction. It marked the inception of our 'Metaverse for Events' service, designed as a tool to demonstrate to our partners and clients the interactive possibilities within the Metaverse. Our aim was to encourage a broader understanding and utilization of the Metaverse by all parties involved.

Check out Demo Corporation's features in the press below:


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